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Solar -- the power to change your life

Your power bill goes up year-after-year. The sad part is that will NEVER change. Save your money using solar energy.

Never pay a power bill again


  • Reducing costs and saving the environment with renewable green energy
  • Receiving a $3,000.00 GRANT from Efficiency Nova Scotia
  • All the while helping build a greener future for your children

Solar power is all we do!

Solar Plus 101 is the premiere provider of Solar Power Systems in Nova Scotia.

More homeowners install solar energy systems every day.  Why?Because it makes sense.

  1. Never be at the mercy of the power company again

  2. Control your family’s energy needs forever

  3. Ask us about the $3000.00 Efficiency NS Green Energy Grant

In a hurry to see if you are eligible for up to $3,000.00 in government GRANTS?

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