• Reducing costs and saving the environment with renewable green energy
  • Receiving a $3,000.00 GRANT from Efficiency Nova Scotia
  • All the while helping build a greener future for your children

Solar power is all we do!

Solar Plus 101 is the premiere provider of Solar Power Systems in Nova Scotia.

More homeowners install solar energy systems every day.  Why?

Because it makes sense.

  1. Never be at the mercy of the power company again

  2. Control your family’s energy needs forever

  3. Ask us about the $3000.00 Efficiency NS Green Energy Grant

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Your power bill goes up year-after-year. The sad part is that will NEVER change. Save your money using solar energy.

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    Solar Plus 101

    Solar Panel Installation

    Most residential homeowners tend to have their solar panels installed on the roof of their homes, while rural homeowners have more options in terms of their placement.  However, whether residential or custom home builds in Nova Scotia, Solar Plus 101 can tailor the positioning of your solar panel installation to optimize the aesthetics and energy efficiency of your solar panel system.

    Solar Panel Ground Units

    Through electing to go solar, not only are homeowners choosing a more reliable way to reduce their emissions, but they are also deciding to save their family from rising electricity costs, while increasing the value of their home.  A ground mounted solar system may not be practical in a city environment, but an acreage or farm is a perfect fit for a ground-mounted solar installation.

    • Open Area
    • Ground mounted
    • Weather durable

    Solar Energy Storage

    • From small to big projects
    • Free consulting
    • Welding specialists

    Coupling solar energy and storage technologies is a very effective way to capitalize on solar savings.  Why? Solar energy is not always produced at the time energy is needed most. Peak power usage often occurs on summer afternoons and evenings, when solar energy generation is falling. Temperatures can be hottest during these times, and people who work daytime hours get home and begin using electricity to cool their homes, cook, and run appliances. Look at these portable power units from Amazon.

    Emergency Power Solutions

    • Emergency medical power – insulin pumps, oxygen machines
    • Business use – computer backup power
    • Flood and Disaster – flood and tidal surge protection

    Backup or emergency power options can provide year-round peace of mind and reliable power for your whole home, business, cabin or camping trip.  Essential medical equipment, business computers or flood sump pump use are mere examples of cases where a backup system would be required.  Amazon is an excellent source to research various battery backup systems. Click here to view some of them.

    Other Solar Products

    • Phone chargers
    • Computer backup
    • Wifi and telephone service backup
    • Car booster batteries
    • Camping and hunting energy storage

    Solar panels and their accessories unlock the boundless energy in the sunshine and transform it into useful energy.   Simple products have been developed in the past few years that can dramatically make life easier.  Take a look on Amazon for various power options available.


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